Re: About the mini-howto I'm writing

Then I'm not going to modify the text now regarding this problem. And as
soon as a newer release of GARNOME will appear I will update the text and
then remove the cvs gnome 2.0 branche solution.
Therefore I see in the GARNOME mailing-list archive taht the latest GARNOME
release builds GNOME 2.0.2 and Bill you said that GARNOME builds GNOME 2.1
: Is it the same ? Here I don't understand very well !
Another thing : I'm OK to try to build GNOME 2 from cvs because I
understand it will be the best to build gnopernicus after but I don't know
if I will succeed. If I succeed one day, I will write a little text
explaining how to do. But for the moment what do you advice to me in order
to do that ? the hjbuild script is it a good starting point ?


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On 18/09/02 at 16:25 Bill Haneman wrote:

>Hi Nath:
>Checking out gnome-mag's gnome-2-0 branch from CVS works now, but it
>will soon stop working since gnome-mag will soon undergo API changes on
>HEAD, and gnopernicus will use the new API rather than the old API.
>At the moment there is no way that I know of to disable gnopernicus'
>magnification and thus remove the gnome-mag dependency.
>I see two possible things that could help.
>(1) gnome-mag could make its dependency on gtk+ HEAD optional; this
>would require some gnome-mag changes, and mean that gnome-mag could only
>work in "split screen mode", and not "fullscreen mode", using gtk+-2.0.
>I am not sure how useful that would be other than for demonstration
>(2) GARNOME builds for "gnome 2.1" which will eventually become GNOME
>2.2 will probably start soon, in which case there will be a GARNOME
>solution that includes the newer GTK+.
>I think that because gnopernicus is rapidly evolving, and will need some
>API that was not ready in GNOME 2.0, sooner or later it will be
>necessary to take certain parts of gnome-2.0 from cvs HEAD in order to
>build it.
>I haven't used GARNOME yet, so I don't know whether the GARNOME system
>can be customized to allow this.  If it can't, then I think we either
>have to wait for a newer GARNOME for "2.2", or use some other build
>On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 16:17, Nath wrote:
>> Hi Bill, Michael & others,
>> Then, what to indicate finally in my little text ?
>> Users are not going to build gtk+ 2.2 from cvs because the entire GNOME
>> environment is been built with GARNOME. The solution I described (check
>> gnome-mag from gnome 2.0 branche) worked well for me. But if you think
>> better to disable magnification in gnopernicus before building it what
>> to be done to do athat ? Which file to modify ?  And then gnopernicus
>> compile without gnome-mag installed ?
>> Thanks.
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>> On 18/09/02 at 13:12 Bill Haneman wrote:
>> >On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 13:41, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> >
>> >> 	We probably need to recommend not using magnifier support, and make
>> >> gnome-mag support in gnopernicus optional. Building a multi-head gtk+
>> >> just too difficult for most users.
>> >
>> >Hi Michael:
>> >
>> >Why do you say that?  I am not aware of any recent difficulties
>> >gtk+ HEAD.  There was a brief period when gtk+ HEAD would not build
>> >Xft-1, but that is the only non-trivial build problem with gtk+ that I
>> >can recall having since the 2.0 release.  I can't have been _that_
>> >lucky...
>> >
>> >Also, gtk+ HEAD will build fine with pango-1.0 and glib's gnome-2-0
>> >branch AFAIK, so if there are problems with pango and/or glib HEAD they
>> >need not impact us here.  I also expect that gtk+ 2.2 is fast
>> >approaching release, which should further improve stability and ensure
>> >that any remaining build issues are solved.
>> >
>> >-Bill
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