Re: About the mini-howto I'm writing

Hi Bill, Michael & others,

Then, what to indicate finally in my little text ? 
Users are not going to build gtk+ 2.2 from cvs because the entire GNOME 2
environment is been built with GARNOME. The solution I described (check out
gnome-mag from gnome 2.0 branche) worked well for me. But if you think it's
better to disable magnification in gnopernicus before building it what is
to be done to do athat ? Which file to modify ?  And then gnopernicus will
compile without gnome-mag installed ?

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On 18/09/02 at 13:12 Bill Haneman wrote:

>On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 13:41, Michael Meeks wrote:
>> 	We probably need to recommend not using magnifier support, and make the
>> gnome-mag support in gnopernicus optional. Building a multi-head gtk+ is
>> just too difficult for most users.
>Hi Michael:
>Why do you say that?  I am not aware of any recent difficulties building
>gtk+ HEAD.  There was a brief period when gtk+ HEAD would not build with
>Xft-1, but that is the only non-trivial build problem with gtk+ that I
>can recall having since the 2.0 release.  I can't have been _that_
>Also, gtk+ HEAD will build fine with pango-1.0 and glib's gnome-2-0
>branch AFAIK, so if there are problems with pango and/or glib HEAD they
>need not impact us here.  I also expect that gtk+ 2.2 is fast
>approaching release, which should further improve stability and ensure
>that any remaining build issues are solved.

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