Re: About the mini-howto I'm writing

On Wed, 2002-09-18 at 13:41, Michael Meeks wrote:

> 	We probably need to recommend not using magnifier support, and make the
> gnome-mag support in gnopernicus optional. Building a multi-head gtk+ is
> just too difficult for most users.

Hi Michael:

Why do you say that?  I am not aware of any recent difficulties building
gtk+ HEAD.  There was a brief period when gtk+ HEAD would not build with
Xft-1, but that is the only non-trivial build problem with gtk+ that I
can recall having since the 2.0 release.  I can't have been _that_

Also, gtk+ HEAD will build fine with pango-1.0 and glib's gnome-2-0
branch AFAIK, so if there are problems with pango and/or glib HEAD they
need not impact us here.  I also expect that gtk+ 2.2 is fast
approaching release, which should further improve stability and ensure
that any remaining build issues are solved.


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