Re: Are you looking for feedback?

Hi Nath:

Thank you _very_ much for doing this.  Please don't worry about your
English, I'm sure I or someone will gladly proofread it, but judging
from your written English in email that may not be neccessary at all. 
The important part is of course the technical content.

HTML would perhaps be nicest, but if plain-text is easier for you that
would be fine I think.  Also perhaps plain-text might be more convenient
for other translators?

Again, thank you very much, this will be most helpful.

best regards,


On Tue, 2002-09-17 at 11:30, Nath wrote:
> Hi Michael, Rodd and others,
> This message to let you know that yesterday I wrote a little text
> explaining how to build/install GNOME 2 with Garnome + the accessibility
> modules. The problem now is that this text is writen in french and is not
> formatted. I can try to translate it in english but it will not be very
> good because of my bad english. And after translation which format to adopt
> ? Html ? Other ?
> --
> Nath

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