Re: Are you looking for feedback?

On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 00:24, Rodd Clarkson wrote:
> Hi All!

Hi Rodd:

Nice to hear from you.

> I lurk around on the Accessibility list as a bit of a distraction.  I'm
> a PERL coder and my wife is an Occupational Therapists so I've just got
> this fascination with Accessibility.
> A while ago I recall the list (or somewhere) asking for comments from
> those that use Accessibility software (both the end user and the person
> who sets it up) about what they would like to see.  Is this still the
> case?  Are you still after comment?

Comments are always welcome!  It's true that we're very much in the
development phase now, with respect to assistive technologies and their
support (screenreaders, onscreen magnification, onscreen keyboards,
etc.) so bear in mind that features are only now coming on-line, there
is a lot still in the pipeline.

> I've been talking to a few of my wifes friends and other people and I've
> got a few people on a list who use this stuff as therapist and might be
> willing to give you some thoughts and ideas.

We've very interested not only in help debugging and "developer testing"
as Michael suggests, but in user testing.

At the moment we are probably a few weeks away from being ready for
end-user testing, and probably farther from "unsupervised" end-user
testing.  But very soon we will be wanting feedback from therapists,
> Are you interested?

Certainly, with the above disclaimers about schedule.  You may wish to
peruse the documentation for GOK (and have your wife and therapist
friends do so as well); it is being developed in partnership with the
University of Toronto's .  You might offer to help them update their web
site ;-) ... the project is very active, but the web site less so.

As a perl coder, perhaps you would be interested in looking at Python,
which may be the scripting language we use for AT customization in the


Bill Haneman
> regards
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