Re: Are you looking for feedback?

9:24 AM 16/09/02 +1000 Rodd Clarkson <rodd redfishbluefish com au>
>I lurk around on the Accessibility list as a bit of a distraction. I'm
>a PERL coder and my wife is an Occupational Therapists so I've just got
>this fascination with Accessibility.

Hi Rodd. Neat knowing folks r interested!

>A while ago I recall the list (or somewhere) asking for comments from
>those that use Accessibility software (both the end user and the person
>who sets it up) about what they would like to see. Is this still the
>case? Are you still after comment?

I'm a person with a physical disability who types & runs computers, over 23
years, with a headwand now on a standard Windows style keyboard so Opera is my browser. Besides being fast Opera is the only
one with the extensive 1 keystroke commands I need to efficiently explore
the Web. Rodd if u would try to remember where u saw the request for
comment that would be Great as too often Accessibility software doesn't
give folks that need it much usability, sigh

>I've been talking to a few of my wifes friends and other people and I've
>got a few people on a list who use this stuff as therapist and might be
>willing to give you some thoughts and ideas.

Wow! Terrific chance for GNOME to get input from the folks actually using
the software instead of it just being given neat features

Bryan Campbell

--> "It has been said the pebbles can't stop the avalanche, guess the
pebbles didn't have access to the Web!"

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