BRLTTY integration with Gnopernicus [was Re: Festival server]

Hi Dave,

Welcome to the GNOME Accessibility community!

> I'm the maintainer of BRLTTY [], and am 
> interested in implementing a bridge between BRLTTY and Gnopernicus so 
> that BRLTTY users would gain access to the X environment and also so that 
> Gnopernicus would gain access to all of the displays which we support. Is 
> this list the best forum within which to pursue this goal? If not, what
> might that "best forum" be? Thanks.

This is a good place.  Another place is the GNOME Accessibility development
list: <gnome-accessibility-devel gnome org>.  In the GNOME world, there are
typically two mailing lists for any given topic: the "-devel" mailing list
is for folks creating a given technology, and the "-list" mailing list is
for the folks using a given technology.  Thus someone who is using the
"GTK+" library to write applications would be interested in the 'gtk-devel'
mailing list.

You'll probably want to connect with the developers/maintainers of
Gnopernicus at BAUM (who are on that mailing list), including: Draghi
Puterity <mp baum de> and Adi Drascal <ad baum ro>.  Looking at the source
code (see /cvs/gnome/gnopernicus/braille/libbrl in, Adi is
the author of virtually all of the Gnopernicus Braille support.


Peter Korn
Sun Accessibility team

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