Re: Need help installing Gnome 2 and Gnopernicus

Hi Nath,

On Thu, 2002-07-11 at 08:52, Nath wrote:
> I tried all things  you explain me but unfortunatly without success.
> First I have not gconftool on my system. i found gconftool-2

	Oh - good, that's right, either is fine.

> ** (process:2042): WARNING **: CORBA_ORB_destroy: ORB still has 2 refs.

	An unfortunate but irrelevant warning in Gnome 2.0.0.

> After that I tried to run  ./viavoice-tts-driver 
> and I obtained :
> ** ERROR **: Error registering speech synthesis driver.

	Looks more serious; why do you need to run that ? doesn't gnome-speech
do that for you ? [ I don't know quite how gnome-speech works I must say

> ./test-speech 
> and the result :
> ** (process:2070): CRITICAL **: file bonobo-activation-activate.c: line 288
> (bonobo_activation_query): assertion `ac' failed
> ** ERROR **: No speech synthesis driver servers found.

	That all looks a bit duff; did you 'bonobo-slay' beforehand [ that
should tear down anything stale looking ].

	In theory, then running 'startx' should work fine. If not, try the belt
and braces approach of:

	export GTK_MODULES='gail:atk-bridge:gail-gnome'


> I think lots of things are wrong . what do you think ?

	Hard to say really.

> I have an idea : Is someone here sometimes present on an irc chanel ? I

	Try #gnome, Bill and Padraig are on holiday, I'm normally
'michael', UK working hours.

> think it will be easier to try to solve the problem on irc.  
> can someone help me on irc and if yes on what server/chanel ?
> Thanks in advance for your help !



 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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