Re: Need help installing Gnome 2 and Gnopernicus

Hi Michael & all,

I tried all things  you explain me but unfortunatly without success.
First I have not gconftool on my system. i found gconftool-2 then I did the
command with it. I type  :
gconftool-2 --set --type=bool
nterface/accessibility 1
and I obtained :
** (process:2042): WARNING **: CORBA_ORB_destroy: ORB still has 2 refs.
After that I tried to run  ./viavoice-tts-driver 
and I obtained :
** ERROR **: Error registering speech synthesis driver.

Trace/breakpoint trap
and to finish :
and the result :
** (process:2070): CRITICAL **: file bonobo-activation-activate.c: line 288
(bonobo_activation_query): assertion `ac' failed

** ERROR **: No speech synthesis driver servers found.

Trace/breakpoint trap

I think lots of things are wrong . what do you think ?
I have an idea : Is someone here sometimes present on an irc chanel ? I
think it will be easier to try to solve the problem on irc.  
can someone help me on irc and if yes on what server/chanel ?
Thanks in advance for your help !

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On 10/07/02 at 10:13 Michael Meeks wrote:

>Hi Nath,
>On Wed, 2002-07-10 at 08:10, Nath wrote:
>> Then in a console I run for example gnome-panel or another app. in
>> console I run gnopernicus. No errors appear in the two consoles
>	Promising so far,
>> Then I
>> switch to the graphic console by typing ctrl-alt-f7. at this point Marc
>> told me that normally Gnopernicus will speak. But nothing, no speech at
>> all. Unfortunatly I'm totally blind then I can't tell you what is writen
>> the screen.
>	Ok; it's possible you're inches from getting it working. You need to
>ensure that accessibility is enabled for the desktop.
>	One of the best ways to do this is to export GNOME_ACCESSIBILITY=1
>before you run anything - ensure you run bonobo-slay before doing that
>to make sure bonobo-apps get it. Alternatively [ since the env-var ways
>are pretty ugly ] there is a better way:
>$ gconftool --set --type=bool /desktop/gnome/interface/accessibility 1
>	This will set the global gconf key for accessibility to on, and ensure
>that all new gnome applications, whether bonobo activated or not will
>turn up with accessibility enabled.
>	Since a11y imposes some marginal performance penalty, it is not enabled
>by default in the default builds.
>	Let us know if you get it working, oh, and when you are confidant you
>probably want to use Gnome 2.0.1 - updated versions of many packages
>exist, which improve accessibility, performance, robustness, and
>	Regards,
>		Michael.
> mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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