Need help installing Gnome 2 and Gnopernicus

Hi all,

Following Marc and Bill advices, I try to instal Gnome 2 and Gnopernicus on
my Debian system.  At this time I have perform the following steps :
1- built and installed Gnome 2 final using Garnome 0.12
2- built and installed Gnome-speech from cvs
3: built and installed Gnopernicus from cvs too
4: installed  ViaVoice rtk and sdk packages
Then in a console I run for example gnome-panel or another app. in another
console I run gnopernicus. No errors appear in the two consoles . Then I
switch to the graphic console by typing ctrl-alt-f7. at this point Marc
told me that normally Gnopernicus will speak. But nothing, no speech at
all. Unfortunatly I'm totally blind then I can't tell you what is writen on
the screen.

Have you an idea to help me solve the problem ? Is there logs files to
watch in order to try to understand what appened ?
thanks in advance for your help !


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