Re: KEYNAV:GtkPaned and Accessibility (bug 53584)

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> Does anyone know what Java does for JSplitPane? I ran the Java demo program
> SwingSet2 but was not able to give the splitter bar focus.

Here is the relvant part of the Java keybdindings document that Earl
sent me when I was putting together the proposal:

	Navigate in - Tab
        Navigate out - Tab, Shift+Tab
        	Inherits navigation sequence of last
                component it 
	Navigate between - Tab, F6 (last element with focus regains
                                       focus when its pane is moved to)
	Give focus to splitter bar - F8
        Change size - Arrow keys, home, and end
                              (moves the pane splitter appropriately)

        Usability Note:
        - A JSplitPane is considered to have focus as soon as one of its
          child components has the focus.
        - Focuswise the JSplitPane is entered by hitting the Tab key.
          Followup keypresses on the Tab key causes the focus to cycle
          between the components withing the JSplitPane. The only way
          to move the focus to the outside of a JSplitPane again is by
          Ctrl+Tab or Ctlr+Shift+Tab.
        - F8 while the JSplitPane (one of its child components is in
          has the focus gives the divider (splitter, split bar) the
          focus and allows to move it around with the cursor keys. This
          resize mode is ended by either another (F8 | Tab) where the
          focus goes to the next component in the JSplitPane, or by
          (Ctrl+Tab | Ctrl+Shift+Tab) where the focus goes to the next
          component outside of the JSplitPane.


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