Re: KEYNAV:GtkPaned and Accessibility (bug 53584)

Does anyone know what Java does for JSplitPane? I ran the Java demo program 
SwingSet2 but was not able to give the splitter bar focus.


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> Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> > 
> > Splitter bars should be capable of gaining (and showing) focus.  They
> > should not appear in the regular tab sequence of a window, instead pressing
> > F8 should cycle focus through any splitter bars currently in context.
> > 
> > <POB> This looks like a substantial piece of work. It is not currenly 
> > for the splitter bar to gain focus as the ability to gain focus is 
> > with being in the regular tab sequence of a window.  The ability to cycle
> > focus through splitter bars does not exist. Currently a splitter bar can
> > only be manipulated by the mouse and the visual cue that a splitter bar can 
> > manipulated is when the cursor changes to a horizontal or vertical double
> > arrow.
> It may be that putting splitter bars into the tab sequence is an
> acceptable solution, and it should be technically implementable (maybe
> relatively straightforward).  At the moment tear-off separators in menus
> are in the up/down arrow sequence, so this would not seem such a
> horrible inconsistency, at least visually.
> At any rate I believe that some sort of keyboard alteration of splitter
> bars is a must-have.  Because we don't want to introduce new window-wide
> keybindings for this (I don't think), a focus-based approach seems
> best.  Even if putting the splitter bar into the tab sequence deviates
> from what Java does, I think that if it's the more feasible approach
> technically then it is better than failing to deal with splitter-bar
> keynav altogether.
> -Bill
> > If one presses F8 to get a splitter bar into focus how does one get back to
> > normal tab sequence of a window?
> > </POB>

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