Re: KEYNAV:GtkMenubBar And Accessibility (bug 53543)

Calum asked:

>Does Gtk (or Java) currently give focus to the first menu item in the
>posted menu when this happens, or does the focus stay on the menu title?

Java gives focus to the menu title, not the first item. (BTW jdk1.4beta2 seems 
to have a bug in menubar navigation :-( )

>I'm just guessing here, so I hope Marc or Peter can comment, but I
>assume it would be important for focus to stay on the menu titles when
>the menu bar gained focus (and as you subsequently pressed left/right
>arrow to move to neighbouring menus), until you explicitly moved focus
>down onto the menu.  Wouldn't this be the only way somebody using a
>screenreader would be able to get a readout of the menu titles available
>on the menu bar?

Well, there are other ways to get this information from the menu bar, via 
at-spi.  However I agree that you don't want focus to always be on a menu item 
with the menu is popped down.

(A situation where this would be troublesome would be if all the menu items 
had rollovers, then right-arrow couldn't be used to move to the next menubar 


Bill Haneman x19279
Gnome Accessibility / Batik SVG Toolkit
Sun Microsystems Ireland 

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