Re: KEYNAV:GtkMenubBar And Accessibility (bug 53543)

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> I had a look at what Java does with F10 key. It gives the menubar focus but also
> posts the first menu in the menubar.
> This behavior seems to be the same as what GTK currently does.
> How important is it to change this behavior?

Does Gtk (or Java) currently give focus to the first menu item in the
posted menu when this happens, or does the focus stay on the menu title?

I'm just guessing here, so I hope Marc or Peter can comment, but I
assume it would be important for focus to stay on the menu titles when
the menu bar gained focus (and as you subsequently pressed left/right
arrow to move to neighbouring menus), until you explicitly moved focus
down onto the menu.  Wouldn't this be the only way somebody using a
screenreader would be able to get a readout of the menu titles available
on the menu bar?

This doesn't mean the first menu couldn't post automatically as you say
it currently does, but it does mean that focus would need to stay on the
menu title rather than moving straight to the first item on that menu.


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