Re: KEYNAV: Buttons (bug 53577) and Accessibility

Padraig O'Briain wrote:
> A toggle, check or radio button should not be activated if keyboard focus
> is given to it by using a mnemonic that is shared by another control in the
> same context.  In this case, keyboard focus should be given to that button,
> at which point:
> - pressing the same mnemonic again should cycles focus to the next control
> in the context that shares the same mnemonic;

> <POB> This deals with the case where two controls have the same mnemonic.
> Can we regard this as a corner case and therefore of lower priority? </POB>

I guess so, but it needs fixing sometime-- currently if two controls
share the same mnemonic, there's no way to tell which one will be
activated when you press Alt+that letter, and no way to activate the
other apart from tabbing to it.  (This also needs to work in menus etc.)

> When any button within a functional group of check buttons has focus:
> - pressing Tab should move focus to the next button in that group, or to
> the control immediately after the last button in that group if it is the
> last button that is currently focused.
> - pressing Shift+Tab should move focus to the previous button in that
> group, or to the control immediately before the first button in that group
> if it is the first button that is currently focused.
> <POB> This works but cycles around. </POB>.

I think we decided that focus generally shouldn't wrap around
self-contained groups of things (as it can be hard for a blind person to
tell when the wrapping around has happened), so this should probably be

(As Owen also recently pointed out in the bug report, if it's a group of
radio buttons rather than check buttons, the newly-focused button should
also be selected, and the previously-selected button deselected).


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