Keyboard navigation bug day

A few weeks ago somebody (Telsa?  sorry, I forget who) had proposed a
"keyboard navigation fixing day" on IRC... however, I don't think this
ever happened due to all hell breaking loose in GNOME Mansions that
weekend  :)

So, does anyone think we should have another attempt at organising this,
or would it be better to wait until people have started porting their
apps to gtk2.0?  

I would envisage it as being a session where people who have identified
keynav problems in an app can discuss them with the relevant
maintainers, and either agree to file them as bugs if appropriate, or at
least come away with a promise that they'll be fixed and by whom!

There are probably also one or two more generic keyboard navigation
issues that need thrashing out, for which it would be nice to reach a
consensus before they potentially become part of the toolkit-- there's a
groundswell of opinion that pressing Enter shouldn't activate the
default button in a dialog when a single-line text field has focus, for
example, which isn't what the proposal document currently suggests


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