Re: Keyboard navigation bug day

Calum Benson <calum benson sun com> writes: 
> So, does anyone think we should have another attempt at organising this,
> or would it be better to wait until people have started porting their
> apps to gtk2.0?  

Once we port to GTK 2 adding keynav is much, much easier, and adding
keynav with 1.2 is kind of hard and easy to get wrong and not really
documented. Plus the code for 1.2 and 2 will be totally different.

What I'd suggest is more useful right now is to have a day to close
all the KEYNAV keyword bugs in GTK bugzilla - it doesn't look like we
will have time to do all of those, and closing them does a lot for the
desktop. Then have an application bug day once we port to GTK 2.
> There are probably also one or two more generic keyboard navigation
> issues that need thrashing out, for which it would be nice to reach a
> consensus before they potentially become part of the toolkit-- there's a
> groundswell of opinion that pressing Enter shouldn't activate the
> default button in a dialog when a single-line text field has focus, for
> example, which isn't what the proposal document currently suggests
> (

The thing to do there is post a mail summarizing each issue with
pros/cons and see if we can hash it out, I guess.


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