Re: [g-a-devel] a11y team plans for the Boston Summit

Hi Folks,

I'll be there either Saturday and Sunday with nine or ten students in tow and possibly also Mel Chua (head of Fedora marketing team). We're all newbies to a hackfest except for Mel, but we're willing to work on A11y things. 

Could someone provide some insight into whether Saturday or Sunday would be a better day? I'll need to reserve a van fairly soon.


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Hey Brian.

El mar, 12-10-2010 a las 23:02 -0500, Brian Cameron escribió:
> The Boston Summit is less than a month away.  Here are the details
> about this GNOME event if you hadn't heard:
> Who from the a11y team is planning to go?  Does the a11y team have
> plans to do any work at the Boston Summit?

I will be there. And, pending approval of travel sponsorship, Ale is
planning on being there as well. Our plans are to work on Orca, of
course. :-) Beyond that, it's my intent to work with the WebKitGtk
developers in attendance and Ale's to work with the eZoom developer.

> The BOF Schedule is pretty empty, so if people have plans to work
> on things, it would be good to let us know and update the Wiki
> page:
> Surely, we have plans to work on more than just Snowy.

We do indeed, but we -- at least Ale and I -- didn't have any a11y BOF
sessions in mind; instead, we were hoping to continue the work we've
started in Sevilla. After all, there's no shortage of work to do.... In
addition, I think there is value in being present at other BOFs in order
to stay up to speed on what the rest of the community has planned and
what impact that might have on GNOME a11y.


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