[g-a-devel] Proper launch of at-spi-registryd


I have a question about proper running at-spi-registryd. Please help me.

I am using gnome-2.24, at-spi-1.24.1 and orca-2.24.1. Orca at its first
startup asked me usual questions and set gconf parameter
gnome/interface/accessibility to true. On next gnome start I got a error
message "Assistive technology support has been requested for this session,
but accessibility registry...".

As I understand it means at-spi-registryd cannot be started properly at
gnome startup, but if I run it manually from gnome-terminal it starts
without any messages. After explicit at-spi-registryd launch orca can
read its main window and parameters dialog but other gnome applications
including main Applications menu is not accessible. Only Firefox and
Orca can be used. 

at-spi was built without libXevie support, because of #17394 in
freedesktop.org bugzilla.

Please, help! Can I do anything to investigate this problem? 
Michael Pozhidaev. E-mail: msp altlinux ru 
Tomsk State University. http://www.csd.tsu.ru
ALT Linux Team. http://www.altlinux.org

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