Re: [g-a-devel] Proper launch of at-spi-registryd

Hi Michael,

Michael Pozhidaev wrote:

I have a question about proper running at-spi-registryd. Please help me.

I am using gnome-2.24, at-spi-1.24.1 and orca-2.24.1. Orca at its first
startup asked me usual questions and set gconf parameter
gnome/interface/accessibility to true. On next gnome start I got a error
message "Assistive technology support has been requested for this session,
but accessibility registry...".
You need to make sure at-spi-registryd is located in the directory that gnome-session knows. On Ubuntu, it is /usr/lib/at-spi.
As I understand it means at-spi-registryd cannot be started properly at
gnome startup, but if I run it manually from gnome-terminal it starts
without any messages. After explicit at-spi-registryd launch orca can
read its main window and parameters dialog but other gnome applications
including main Applications menu is not accessible. Only Firefox and
Orca can be used.
This is because at-spi-registryd is started after the applications. The right way is starting at-spi-registryd first (by gnome-session) and then applications.


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