Re: [g-a-devel] Do all references to the same object have the same value?

PS - Are you ready to let the world know what your mystery project is yet? A fear I have is that we may all be spending lots of time helping you develop a proprietary product. That might be a bummer for us open source folks.


Quiring, Sam wrote:
My application uses AT-SPI to examine an application. Suppose the target application has a check box on it. If the target application's GUI does not change, will every Accessible *reference to the check box, no matter how it is obtained, have the same value? For example, supposed I obtain a reference for the check box by enumerating the entire AT-SPI tree. Then the user clicks on the checkbox and a reference to the check box is delivered to my handler for the "focus:" event. Will these two references be equal? -Sam


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