Re: [g-a-devel] How does at-spi communicate with gail ??

Hi Bill Haneman,

Thank You for the Fast response and sorry for the late reply :-) , i had to dig into the code to get some understanding....and putting the same in words...

1.  When export GTK_MODULES=gai:atk-bridge
From Gail :
Module gets initialized with gtk_module_init of the gail, this will in turn call the gail_accessibility_module_init which will register with the registry for what widget or what widget type which function to be called with the help of

atk_registry_set_factory_type( get_the_registry, widget_type, function_associated)

From atk-bridge:
Module gets initialized with gtk_module_init, this will call the atk-bridge_init and this will initialize the bonobo and registers the applications and activates the event listeners.

Bonobo inturn activates the at-spi.

I have some vague idea here.. please correct me if i'm wrong
Even listeners are the main interface to interact with the gail, these listeners are connected with spi functions which converts the ATK objects into Accessible objects and sends them to the at-spi throguh bonobo/corba, i mean Accessible objects are sent accross to at-spi with like corba objects.

Thank You.



Bill Haneman wrote:

Hi Vamsi:

The atk-bridge contains the answer to both of your questions.  It is
both the service which adapts the in-process ATK interfaces (implemented
by gail) to the out-of-process AT-SPI interfaces, exported via CORBA
IPC.  If you look closely at at-spi/atk-bridge/bridge.c, you will see
where the connections take place.

It is also the code which registers each application with the
at-spi-registryd Registry service, when the application initially starts
up, via gnome_accessibility_module_init().

Here's a process-space diagram showing how apps, the AT-SPI registry,
and assistive technologies communicate:



On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 22:58, Vamsi wrote:
Hi List,

I'm trying to understand how the accessibility works !! i have some doubts regarding the same.

1. How does the at-spi, atk-bridge and gail communicate with each other.
do they corba(bonobo) to communicate, if yes i have not seen any corba related code in gail then how it is passing the info to at-spi along with atk-bridge ??

2. When we launch an application on the desktop how does it registers itself with at-spi registryd. how the communication is getting transferred from application to at-spi ??

Thank You.


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