[g-a-devel] how to active full debugging messages in gnome-mag?

Hi Bill,

When is made an call to GNOME_Magnifier_ZoomRegion_moveResize, the code that is called in gnome-mag is the one defined in zoom-region.c, more precisely the function impl_zoom_region_move_resize, isn't is?

If the answear is yes, I saw that this function call zoom_region_set_viewport and this last one have a call to fprintf to indicate that the operation is being realized, but this will be only printed if the symbol DEBUG is defined.

I run the configure script with the option --enable-debug=yes, but this message was not printed. The configure script must be update? If yes, there is some way to enable full debug in gnome-mag? I'm asking this because I saw that it have at least two debugs symbols that must be defined (DEBUG and ZOOM_REGION_DEBUG), so I want to know if there are more ones?


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