RE: [g-a-devel]Gnome 2.0 : accessibility for the gnome-cd application


I'm trying to implement AtkText and AtkComponent for the PangoLayout in the
application. I have few questions about the implementation.

1. For the selection methods in AtkText (eg get_selection, add_selection
etc), are there
   any support functions in gail/util/gailmisc.[ch]?

2. For the get_extents method of AtkComponent, i tried using
   But this call returns both the ink and the logical extents. which one of
these should be used?

3. Would get_extents and get_size methods of AtkComponent suffice for
PangoLayout? If the set
   methods of AtkComponent is needed, is there any support in PangoLayout to
do this?


Padraig O'Briain wrote:

> What we have in gail/util, in gailmisc.[ch] are support functions, which
> used in GailEntry, GailLabel and GailTextCell, which manipulate a
PangoLayout or
> the PangoRectangle obtained from a PangoLayout.
> Our hope is that these functions can be used in the implementation of ATK
> interfaces for custom widgets.
> Padraig


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