Re: ORBit2 parallel install fixes

"R.I.P. Deaddog" <maddog linuxhall org> writes: 
> But vanilla bonobo-activation 0.9.1 fails to build, seems it uses
> ORBit 0.5.x header instead. Is HEAD branch of bonobo-activation required?

There are a few issues:

 - my local/working stuff is slightly different from the posted patch
 - I haven't committed anything to CVS
 - you need my changes to ORBit1 to get its headers out of the way 
   (moving the includedir in the ORBit2 .pc file is a fragile

Anyhow, I now have a working bonobo-activation patch. This will all
hit CVS as soon as Mark is back, he said he'd look at the stuff


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