Re: ORBit2 parallel install fixes

On 13 Sep 2001, Havoc Pennington wrote:

>  - my local/working stuff is slightly different from the posted patch
>    now
>  - I haven't committed anything to CVS
>  - you need my changes to ORBit1 to get its headers out of the way
>    (moving the includedir in the ORBit2 .pc file is a fragile
>    solution)
> Anyhow, I now have a working bonobo-activation patch. This will all
> hit CVS as soon as Mark is back, he said he'd look at the stuff
> Monday.

Thanks for explanation, I'll wait till then. But may I have a peek
preview of your patch? Actually I am trying to create Mandrake gnome-2
packages, and is exactly hindered by ORBit2 and bonobo-activation.

Another point: should orbit-config-2 be removed altogether? Since
gnome-2 should be a (almost) pkgconfig world, leaving unpatched
orbit-config-2 can be misleading. IIRC glib and gtk+ is following
this path.


PS Perhaps this discussion should be moved to gnome-packaging?

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