How I configure the panel for usability [ Was: how to store prefs/session data ]

<quote who="Havoc Pennington">

> My right-click menu is the same as the foot menu. I would expect it to
> have things like Properties... for the current panel, Remove This Panel,
> Add Applet To This Panel, etc. (you could remove the word "this" if all
> the items are obviously for the current panel)

The configuration for this is really odd. What I generally do is set the
'master' setup in gnomecc first, so that it is a contextual menu for the
panel (everything off except for panel).

Then, I create a 'main menu' object on my panel and turn on programs and
desktop menu, so that it is a sane, well-laid out program launching menu.

This works well, apart from actually having to do the configuration! ;) I'm
always quite shocked when I try to use GNOME before tweaking this.

Hope that's worthwhile input on use of the panel to promote usability. :)

- Jeff

                        Great minds think different?                        

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