Re: how to store prefs/session data


Is there a way to set per host or per DISPLAY or per locale settings? 
And if yes, how? Thanks! 


>On 10Oct2001 01:51PM (-0400), Havoc Pennington wrote:
>> jacob berkman <jacob ximian com> writes: 
>> > would you say:
>> > 
>> > 	preferences == global
>> > 	properties == per-instance
>> > 
>> > that is what the panel currently has - global prefs and per-panel
>> > properties, and i think that distinction is what you are making here.
>> I think that's right for the panel, that the per-panel stuff is
>> per-session, so e.g. when you create a new blank session you would get
>> the default panel setup again. But "global preferences" would be kept
>> across all sessions.
>> I need to follow up to Maciej's mail though, not sure about all the
>> issues he raised yet.
>Actually, add another one:
>* Is the set of panel applets, and their position in the panel, are
>per-session setting? Does that mean that if you quit without saving
>your session, you lose your panel settings? That would be bad.
>> (Reminds me of a UI issue - right-click menu on the panel should
>> probably have properties for the panel, that's what right click
>> usually does, right?)
>It does, but it also has preferences, and the distinction wasn't
>totally clear to me until Jacob explained it.
> - Maciej
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