Re: how to store prefs/session data

Maciej Stachowiak <mjs noisehavoc org> writes: 
> * Is the set of panel applets, and their position in the panel, are
> per-session setting? Does that mean that if you quit without saving
> your session, you lose your panel settings? That would be bad.

You're right, this would suck. 

Another option might be to have explicit "profiles" for the panel,
much as I was trying to explain for gnome-terminal. Then the profile
used would be per-session, but as long as you only had one profile you
would never lose a setup by changing sessions.
> > (Reminds me of a UI issue - right-click menu on the panel should
> > probably have properties for the panel, that's what right click
> > usually does, right?)
> It does, but it also has preferences, and the distinction wasn't
> totally clear to me until Jacob explained it.

My right-click menu is the same as the foot menu. I would expect it to
have things like Properties... for the current panel, Remove This
Panel, Add Applet To This Panel, etc. (you could remove the word
"this" if all the items are obviously for the current panel)


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