Re: gnome-libs 2.0 API

Gediminas Paulauskas <menesis delfi lt> writes:
> I must mention Galeon. It does NOT use GnomeMDI, but uses multiple
> tabs/windows in it's own way. So Galeon hackers hould be contacted to
> know the reasons why they did not used GnomeMDI and what better solution
> they can suggest.
> Galeon also has Docked history and bookmarks (i.e. they can be separate
> windows, but can be part of main window), similarly as Evolution has
> Folder bar. Don't know this relates to MDI, but is a useful feature
> which every app implements by itself and they look diferently (Sodipodi
> and Anjuta comes to mind besides abovementioned two).

We hope to focus the GTK 2.2 release around menus, toolbars, docks,
menu merge, "app window widget," and some sort of MDI thing.  The
basic idea being that all widgets can do menu/toolbar merge, if they
have menu stuff attached.

So MDI "just works" with any widget even stock widgets such as
GtkTextView which would have e.g. cut/copy/paste menu items.  MDI
itself is nearly for free once you have the menu stuff sorted out.

This "application framework" stuff is one of the big GTK gaps at the
moment. We want to make it easier to write a simple document-based app
or IDE.


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