Re: why bonobo-config

Havoc Pennington wrote:
Michael Meeks <michael ximian com> writes:
       Yes - true, but the real issue here is maintainership - and it
seems that it is not possible to get changes into GConf[1],

Many other people have had success getting changes in. *shrug*

But I don't want to try and rehash old mail archives.

that it's
design is strongly based on a premis that CORBA shouldn't be exposed -
which is antithetical to the GNOME viewpoint. Luckily we don't have 6
extra layers of abstraction, just 1.

Actually, it's antithetical to YOUR viewpoint, not the GNOME

There are plenty of significant GNOME hackers that are not on board
with the CORBA-everywhere plans that you have.  Personally I think we
should be focusing on the end-user desktop.  Creating the ultimate
CORBA-based app framework is interesting, but I don't think it's what
GNOME should be about right now.

For example, when the board met at GUADEC and discussed GNOME and what
people thought its goals should be, this was not suggested by anyone
as an important one.

I'm not saying the board represents all GNOME hackers, just using it
as an example of a bunch of GNOME people in a room together.

Some people want to make nice apps with a good UI that work, and fix
problems such as xalf, cut-and-paste, keyboard navigation, control
center, etc. - the API churn caused by the push for CORBA everywhere
just gets in the way. Look at all the posts here where people say "I
don't give a damn about GConf vs. bonobo-config, I just want to know
which one to use."


Although I'll probably use GConf for my apps (because PonG is nice), it was said that Gnome would use bonobo_config with GConf as the backend. So let's go for that. In the end the result is the same, and Sun's GConf browser/editor will still work for sysadmins.

I think everybody is really getting bored by all this. Martin has been childish to start reverting all the changes in CVS, and Anders is guilty of making changes (or letting somebody make changes) to the libs when they were supposed to be frozen (although *some* of the changes made sense).

Get yourself together before the flamewar just leaves carbonated bodies on the battlefield.


PS: I don't give a rat's ass about who started it, I just hate my mailbox being filled up with junk when I'm already busy being angry at the London transport system.

/Bastien Nocera

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