Re: Stop bickering and remember the users.

On 29Aug2001 03:24PM (-0400), Bob Smith wrote:
> Ok guys. You seem to be forgetting the users in this fude. I've been
> waiting a very long time for gnome 2 (as I'm sure a great many other
> people have to), and even with a freeze, its going to be a while before we
> see gnome 2. This squabaling is getting us no where. I propose the
> following solution. There are alot of things people want done, but there
> is just not time for it. I say we retarget all the proposals for gnome
> 2.2.
> For gnome 2.0 we use Martins released API.

Martin had some changes he wanted to make after his "frozen" version
was released. Anders has some changes he wants to make too. I think
everyone agrees the state of libgnome* did not merit full, 100%
freeze, so we all need to figure out what the right set of remaining
changes is. 

 - Maciej

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