Re: Is GNOME 2 dead ?


Martin, stop with the melodrama.  DISCUSS THE TECHNICAL
ISSUES. Michael and George have started doing so. Join in the
thread. Get on IRC or the phone if things aren't productive. Sort it
out. We are not 5 years old here. 

> But it looks like Anders Carlsson is god and thus rules don't apply
> to him - and I'm the bad guy because I reverted his unauthorized
> changes.

Anders is now the maintainer, he can't make "unauthorized" changes. 
He may make changes we are unhappy with, in which case we can object
to those, file bugs, discuss it on the list. So please do that. But
RELAX. Please. ;-)

I don't know who has done CVS commits, reversions or otherwise; I
haven't looked at commits list. But no one should be touching CVS
until things are sorted out. Have you been on IRC/phone yet? If not
then you are part of the problem. Get on there and fix it.


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