The Gnome-libs wars

Hi dudes,
After reading through the mails posted here and finding myself changing
position and agreeing with whoever posted the last mail at any given
time I found I will not coment on those issues  :) Not that I really
have the skills to do so in a meaningful way <g>

Anyhow it strikes me that the big debate here is how to handle hairy
API's which are to be killed of in a later release. Well whereever you
end up putting this API's might I suggest they are moved to a separate
place in the documentation, appareance is everything and if new
developers looking at the documentation doesn't see the hairy stuff then
their impression of the library as a whole is that the API its presents
are clean and consistent. Old developers wanting to still use the hairy
stuff need to look up the documentation for those in the hairy section
of the docs :)

Another thing that has striken me here reading your mails is that I
think the problem with gnome-libs and the old bonobo-config/gconf debate
is that we lack a common shared vision for what the GNOME API should
look like in the future. Guess we made the mistake at GUADEC 2 of only
discussing technicalities and deadlines instead of spending just as much
if not more time establishing a shared vision for the GNOME development
plattform. Maybe a lesson to remember for GUADEC 3.


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