Re: API freeze release ... GStreamer

On 06Aug2001 12:38AM (+0200), Christian Schaller wrote:
> Hi,
> We have discussed the API freeze issue for GStreamer and have come to
> the conclussion that freeze the API at this time is impossible/not
> constructive for the development of GStreamer.
> We do however think we will be able to have a stable GStreamer 1.0
> release by the time GNOME 2.0 is out inlcluding some VERY nice
> applications which are being developed in parallel with GStreamer.
> So we have decided that aiming for inclussion in GNOME 2.0 fifth-toe as
> an multimedia application and 'preview-library' would be the most
> constructive approach for us (GStreamer) to take. 


I think that's a good path to take. It's better to have libraries used
and tested in real-world situations rather than prematurely freeze an
API that is not ready. I think you made the right decision.



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