Re: API freeze release ... GStreamer

We have discussed the API freeze issue for GStreamer and have come to
the conclussion that freeze the API at this time is impossible/not
constructive for the development of GStreamer.

We do however think we will be able to have a stable GStreamer 1.0
release by the time GNOME 2.0 is out inlcluding some VERY nice
applications which are being developed in parallel with GStreamer.

So we have decided that aiming for inclussion in GNOME 2.0 fifth-toe as
an multimedia application and 'preview-library' would be the most
constructive approach for us (GStreamer) to take. 

That way we have a stable API ready in good time in order for GStreamer
to be adopted as a full part of the GNOME development platform for the
GNOME 2.2 release.

I think this approach is acceptable to all parties and it should make
Sander happy I think :)


Btw, regarding Linux/i386 only which was mentioned here. We are
definetly not i386 only as Bastien pointed out. In addition to running
it on PowerPC we do have people running it on ARM. In addition to that
we do have support for Alpha and Sparc although that is not tested that

As for OS, we have users today on FreeBSD and I am currently working on
getting GStreamer to compile on Solaris. HP-UX is next on the list after


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