API freeze release ... status 2.

        So after another day of frantic work from various people[1] we are
several modules up:


        linc, ORBit2, gnome-common, bonobo-activation, libbonobo, gconf,
gnome-vfs, bonobo-config, libbonoboui

Waiting for:
        libgnome, libgnomeui, libgnomecanvas, libart_lgpl
        glib, pango, gtk+, atk       

Probably delayed:
        libgnomeprint, libgnomeprintui

        It would be really good to get moving on the gnome-libs stuff. I  
assume doing a libart_lgpl release is fairly un-controversial ? I can do  
that tommorow if it is not done by then, and perhaps the canvas too.

[1] - particularly the heroic gnome-vfs hackers.

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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