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A few days ago I spoke with Seth, Mike Fleming and Ian about possible
remaining changes to gnome-vfs for GNOME 2 that could affect the API.
I collected the list in gnome-vfs/OUTSTANDING_API_ISSUES. I am
trying to file bug reports for all of these.

This is a large list withmany large items in it, so I personally doubt
all these items will or should be done for GNOME 2. So this list is
not meant to be authoritative, but rather an advisory superset of what
the gnome-vfs developers may still want to do as freeze-breaking API
changes. (Darin may have other changes he wants, I think he's the only
active gnome-vfs developer I didn't get a chance to talk to about
potential changes).

* 8450 - [API] The new metadata API in gnome-vfs needs to be finished
* 8451 - [API] gnome-vfs needs an API for filesystem monitoring
* real icon support
* 8447 (problem with auth callback api)
* 8448 (another problem with the auth callback api)
* per-uri-scheme attributes (i.e. the ability to define an icon,
application or component that handles a particular URI scheme, such as
`mailto:' or `trash:', rather than having this be only per-mime type.
* http post support
* change how module stacking works to enable proper moniker support
* redirect support
* URI links
* make xfer API not suck
* deprecate GnomeVFSURI in public APIs
* Install public headers and module-only headers in different places,
separate pkgconfig targets
* remove gnome-vfs-iobuf / gnome-vfs-socket-buffer duplication
* remove directory filter / regexp filter stuff
* Buffered I/O API
* kill gnome-vfs-seekable
* kill gnome-vfs-transform
* GClosure-isze everything



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