Re: [glade--]GLade-- Question

[Pierre: Vimal has the same problem, so I cc you]

Hi Vimal,

VImal Parikh schrieb:
Thanks for the reply. Please don't get frustrated. You have done a

I already am. Nobody cares to send in patches for gnomemm2 (I have no use for it), I have lots of reports of autotools breakage with newer versions (on RH9 only) and gettext seems to fail, too. Looks like a lot of unthankful work ahead. :-(

good job with glade-- and even if I can't use it from glade, I can
still use it by itself to generate c++ files. That still is a good

But unless you either use the CVS version or mark the widgets as <cxx_visibility>protected</> you won't be able to access the widgets glademm creates for you.

Please keep up the good work.

Here's an answer from Damon to the same problem:

Damon Chaplin schrieb:
> On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 13:51, Pierre Bacquet wrote:
>>>On Wed, 2004-02-18 at 13:06, Pierre Bacquet wrote:
>>>>I am trying Zindows version of Glade 2.0.1 and it seems
>>>>that support for other languages than C has been removed.
>>>>Can you please tell me why ?
>>>>Is there any quick fix / patch to re-enable it ?
>>>The C++ code generator is a separate package, glademm.
>>I know and I've downloaded it. What I mean here is that the
>>"Project > Project Options ..." dialog box has no more the
>>"Language :" C, C++ radio buttons at the bottom as it were
>>the case for Glade 1.1.2 .
>>Is there any reason for removing this feature which proved
>>quite helpful ?
> I know I haven't touched it. I even added the Ada option again for
> 2.0.1.
> Where did you get your Glade package from? It is possible that they
> patched Glade to take the option out. If you ask them they'll probably
> add it back.

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