Re: [glade--]GLade-- Question

VImal Parikh schrieb:
I have installed glade-- from the website. The sources compiled properly (CygWin version) and have installed glade-- in /usr/local/bin. I have installed Glade version 2.0.1 for windows. This version does not have a C++ toggle in the project property sheet. My question is: how do you generate C++ sources using Glade 2.0.1 and glade-- ( Do I need to run them separately?

That might be the easiest way (unless you get glade to cooperate ...)

Seems like some glade programmer decided that C++ is not needed any longer (without bothering to tell me anything about it). [this has happened during 1.0.0 as well]

[cursing deleted]

Frustrated (nearby to giving up)
    Christof (who still uses 1.1.3 for no apparent reason)

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