RE: [glade--]GLade-- Question

Hi All,

> [Pierre: Vimal has the same problem, so I cc you]
> Hi Vimal,
> VImal Parikh schrieb:
> > Thanks for the reply. Please don't get frustrated. You have done a
> I already am. Nobody cares to send in patches for gnomemm2 (I have no
> use for it), I have lots of reports of autotools breakage with newer
> versions (on RH9 only) and gettext seems to fail, too. Looks
> like a lot
> of unthankful work ahead. :-(
> > good job with glade-- and even if I can't use it from glade, I can
> > still use it by itself to generate c++ files. That still is a good
> > thing.

I've been in touch with Ivan Wong and it happens that he will add back
the support for C++ and Ada in the Option menu.

Anyway, in the meantime I managed to compile Glade 2.0.1 on Win32 using
his M$VC project and I've removed the infamous defined(WIN32) that prevented
this option to appear.

I've done some quick tests and the radio-buttons now appear. I will send
my results to Ivan and see what follows.

Again, thanks to Christof for his patience.


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