Re: [glade--]Newbie question : how to access a contained object ?

Pierre Bacquet schrieb:

mark the text widget's visibility as protected or higher.
That's all. No voodoo like lookup_widget() required.

Thanks. This is what I begun discovering browsing the list
archives (sorry for not doing that before).

But I use Glade 2.0.1 on a Zindows/2k machine and I can't
find any reference to C++ language in Glade's "Project > Options ..."

Then someone disabled it again. Complain to the glade people (I don't have the nerves to combat that again).

I've just generated my code from the command-line (using Cygwin bash).

I've installed Glade for Win32
exe?download )
and then I've just unzipped the
file and installed the .exe file in the root dir of glade installation.

Is there anything I've left ?

In the meantime, can I hack the .XML project file to set up this
property ?

you might try the CVS version of glademm, it defaults to all widgets public if all are private. If you need me to compile it for you, tell me. There have been reports of autotool problems with the CVS version, though.


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