RE: [glade--]Newbie question : how to access a contained object ?


> mark the text widget's visibility as protected or higher.
> That's all. No voodoo like lookup_widget() required.

Thanks. This is what I begun discovering browsing the list
archives (sorry for not doing that before).

But I use Glade 2.0.1 on a Zindows/2k machine and I can't
find any reference to C++ language in Glade's "Project > Options ..."

I've just generated my code from the command-line (using Cygwin bash).

I've installed Glade for Win32
exe?download )
and then I've just unzipped the
file and installed the .exe file in the root dir of glade installation.

Is there anything I've left ?

In the meantime, can I hack the .XML project file to set up this
property ?



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