Re: [glade--]Newbie question : how to access a contained object ?

Pierre Bacquet schrieb:

I am trying to learn the basics of GTKmm and Glade.

I have designed a very simple Window with 1 button and a text
field (Gtk::Entry). I have setup call-backs for the button.

I would like to display some text in the text field
when I click on the button. The problem I have is that Glademm
generates the pointer to the text field as a local variable of the
constructor of my window; hence, I don't know how to get a pointer
of the text area when my call-back is triggered.

If I use Glade C code generator, I can manage to get a pointer on
the text area using lookup_widget() passing it the name of my text
area; but, with the C++ code generator, I am stuck.

mark the text widget's visibility as protected or higher. That's all. No voodoo like lookup_widget() required.


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