[glade--]glade-- & opengl (glarea)

Hi, i'm a studient and i've been using glade for the last 2 month. I managed 
to build a simple program interface with glade, and added manually the 
gtkglarea widget in order to have a drawing area in my window so that i can 
use OPENGL primitives. But now, i'd like to rewrite it in c++: i compiled the 
source with succes, but i don't know how to have a widget like gtkglarea to 
work with it, especially the lines to declare it.

if someone could write me some lines, i guess it should be something like
"Gtk::gtkglarea *my_glarea = manage(new class Gtk::gtkglarea(params...));"

and the related  #includes that are required

thanks for any help...

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