Re: [glade--]Compiling GUI source code error

Hi Christopher,

it's relatively easy to determine wether you mix incompatible compilers (g++ 2.x and g++ 3.x are not compatible at all (except for same x)).

do a
  ldd /usr/lib/
(look for the version of libstdc++)

  g++ --version

g++-3.2 uses ... (ok, I confess is not linked to it on my machine,so the easy )
and g++-2.95 uses libstdc++-3*

I don't know anything about g++ 2.96 or any other RH specific issues.

To be sure you should only take the compiler and the shipped with your distribution - or compile the yourself :-(

Other way:

# strings /usr/lib/ | fgrep AccelLabel
3.2.2 gives you
and 2.95
I don't know about other compilers.


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