[Glade-users] loading image resources from relative directories

Awesome, thanks!

Il 28/feb/2018 18:58, "Juan Pablo Ugarte" <juanpablougarte at gmail.com> ha

On Wed, 2018-02-28 at 16:56 +0100, Luca Bacci wrote:

Hello, I have a problem regarding using glade with image data in

I have a .ui file in a directory, with a 'icons' subdirectory


I have many GtkImage where 'pixbuf' property is set to 'icons/icon.svg',
'icons/icon2.svg' ecc.

Finally, I have added this to the .ui definiton:

<requires lib="gtk+" version="3.20"/>
  <!-- interface-local-resource-path . -->

But Glade doesn't show icons. Is there a way to get this to work?

Current glade versions only load files from the same directory as the .ui
or the path you specify in the project preferences

This is fixed in master and glade-3-20 branches but I havent made a
release yet, but you should be able to use glade nightly

sudo flatpak remote-add gnome-nightly https://sdk.gnome.org/gnome-
sudo flatpak remote-add gnome-apps-nightly https://sdk.gnome.org/gnome-
sudo flatpak install gnome-apps-nightly org.gnome.Glade

hope this helps

Juan Pablo

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