[Glade-users] Glade crash

Another test. I installed Glade 3.19.0 from "PyGObject for Windows" project
and this build doesn't crash when I make the same operation as before.

However, the original file created with Glade 3.20.0 is not loaded
correctly. Here[1] you can see the screenshot of Glade 3.20, here[2] the
screenshot of Glade 3.19.

I see many messages of type:
   (glade.exe:3276): GladeUI-WARNING **: The file did not contain the
required property "id"
   Under the "object" tag.

It seems the new version 3.20 saves the file without writing the property
"id" for every object (the "id" property is written only for objects where
the ID property was manually specified). Maybe Glade 3.19 doesn't like the
absence of "id" property so it refuses to load those objects. In this case,
how could I add the "id" property to every procject?


2017-03-03 14:22 GMT+01:00 Pozz Pozz <pozzugno at gmail.com>:

Here[1] is one of my graphical interface, designed with Glade.
Unfortunately when Glade opens this file, it seems it is very unstable if I
try to change something.

For example, let's try to delete the row in the fans_store GtkListStore
object. Glade 3.20 will crash (at least in Windows).

Do you understand why? I tried many things, even editing manually the
.glade file with a text-editor. Many times, Glade wil crash during opening
the edited file.

[1] https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1s7dNPGsJ3CZllrOUVwNWw4TWM/

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