[Glade-users] hi :)

I have been trying to learn Glade just like you.

Looking at the GTK documentation provides some clues.

I have written (another) little document that explains how to
do a few things, based on the information provided by the
nice folks in this group. They had to show me how to put
radio buttons in a group and that I need an "adjustment"
for slider and spinner bars.

This has some things relevant only if you are using the
Fortran Tools and the last bits show how to use one
example with GTK-Fortran (which you probably are not
interested in :-), but all the stuff about Glade should be
relevant. Sorry, still no complete documentation, but maybe
this will help. I still want to learn how to handle a drawing.


On Mon, Dec 15, 2014 at 5:16 PM, Stefano Cerbioni <stfn77 at gmail.com> wrote:

hi  guy i am new  :D  in  glade  and linux  :D

i think is  very nice  glade , but  start  up  is  so much  hard , if  you
want  draw.

i   look   in  internet  for  find  some  tutorial ,  but  i find only  ,
basic  tutorial  2 or  3  button one  menubar  and  one inputbox.

i tryed  to use  glade  , but  container  is  very  HELLL :D (in  2 day i
try to do a "simple" gui), not  change size  (of container ) and i dont
understund  proportion . iam not  good  :D  but i  resist :D

 exist  a  group box????

thanks  :D  for  help  :D

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Walt Brainerd
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