[Glade-users] hi :)

hi  guy i am new  :D  in  glade  and linux  :D

i think is  very nice  glade , but  start  up  is  so much  hard , if  
you want  draw.

i   look   in  internet  for  find  some  tutorial ,  but  i find only  
, basic  tutorial  2 or  3  button one  menubar  and  one inputbox.

i tryed  to use  glade  , but  container  is  very  HELLL :D (in  2 day 
i try to do a "simple" gui), not  change size  (of container ) and i 
dont understund  proportion . iam not  good  :D  but i  resist :D

  exist  a  group box????

thanks  :D  for  help  :D

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